Salary & Incentive Payment

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We keep your off roll employees on our pay roll and takes care of all statutory requirements like PF, ESI, PT, IT. We provide all documents to you and employees like verification report, appointment letter, pay slip etc.

We take payment model from your fund or from our own fund and charge you advolerm or per person basis.
We undertake following services.


  • Issue of appointment letters before he joins.
  • Issue of identity card on the day of joining.
  • Getting their PF, ESI, and PT registration in the same month i.e. month of joining.
  • Helping employee to have PAN (if not there with him) and opening of a salary account with Zero Balance facility.
  • Payment of salary by 3rd of next month with proper pay slip.
  • Issue of letter for any change in terms of employment i.e. hike in salary or promotion.
  • Having death insurance benefit of Rs. 5 Lacs (Please note that this is a death cover and not an accident cover. Employee will get claim irrespective of reason / place and time of death)
  • Cash less individual mediclaim of Rs. 35 thousand for the employee. (Please note that insurance and mediclaim cover are designed on individuality basis and thus employee can continue with the same policies even after he leaves the job)
  • Issuance of Form 16 and Form 16A within stipulated time i.e. 30th April every year.
  • Providing him with statement directly form PF department for his credit balance.
  • Helping employee’s family member to get their insurance or mediclaim.
  • Helping them to file their IT returns if desired.
  • A get together of employees working in similar position once in a year.
  • We would continue our support even after the employee has left us and really helps him to get his PF back or issue of release letter or providing his behavior feed back to his new employer, if wanted

There may be other services, which we can take up if required and not listed above.